WEBINAR 4 - Language Diversity

Get inspired by language diversity!

Wednesday 26 September 2018, 17:00 CEST  |  Duration: 1 hour

Language teaching and learning is essential to ensuring that European citizens can move, work, and learn freely throughout Europe. This will help boost jobs and growth, and contribute to a mutual understanding of other countries and cultures. It is also essential to ensure that language deficiencies are not a barrier to participation in society. You can read more about language learning at School Education Gateway.

During this webinar Sarah Breslin, the Executive Director of the European Centre for Modern Languages, will present language learning and the benefits of language diversity in education. Gro Caspersen will present language learning in practice through the "Wise Words" project, which has received the European Language Label. European Language Label projects have contributed substantially to the promotion of innovative language teaching and learning, throughout all Europe.

Presentations & Recording: 


Sarah Breslin

Since October 2013, Sarah Breslin has been the Executive Director of the European Centre for Modern Languages, an institution of the Council of Europe, based in Graz, Austria. A passionate linguist with a thorough understanding of both policy and practice in language education and general education, Sarah has worked in a range of sectors and countries since she graduated with first class Honours in French and German from the University of Glasgow in 1986. Sarah is currently studying for her Doctorate of Education where her research focus is on the contribution of  the ECML to the professional growth of language teacher educators.


Gro Caspersen

My name is Gro, I am a teacher in the Danish public school, where I have been working for the last 26 years. I am very interested in languages and I am teaching my pupils in French and Danish as a second language. In 2015 I made a campaign with some of my pupils, we called the campaign Wise Words and it is about how important it is to acknowledge the benefits of knowing several languages and how to use the languages in a constructive way to achieve new knowledge. The campaign has received several awards; in 2017 ‘the European language award’ and in 2018 I won the award for being teacher of the year. You can watch the movie we made for the campaign here: grocaspersen.dk

Author: Assi Honkanen
Last editor: Koen Glotzbach