WEBINAR 6 - Early Childhood Education and Care

Inspiring inclusive practices in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

Tuesday 11 December 2018 |  17:00 CET | Duration 1 hour


Promoting and protecting children's rights, combating child poverty and social exclusion and providing all children with equal opportunities irrespective of their social, cultural, ethnic or otherwise backgrounds, are fundamental objectives of the European Union. What does research tell us about how teachers and staff can create inclusive pedagogical practices in early childhood settings and classrooms? What happens when children and families with diverse backgrounds join everyday life in ECEC settings and how can European, national and local policies and collaboration support the development of good practices? Find inspiration for good practices and policies in the input from the presenters and join a discussion on effective measures and pedagogies.

The ISOTIS project funded by Horizon 2020 is a European research project looking into inclusive educational and social support to tackle inequalities in society. Dr. Cecilia Aguiar leads the work studying how curriculum, pedagogy and social climate can support inclusion and equity. Jannicke Rosvold Sagosen is a Norwegian preschool teacher participating and contributing in the Erasmus+ project Developing Teacher Competences for the Future that deals with child-centered practices and collaboration with parents. Tove Mogstad Slinde will frame the topic and present how European ECEC policies can support national and local practices.

Target audience: All teachers/staff, heads, administrations and organisations interested in and responsible for Early Childhood Education and Care


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17:00 – 17:05 Welcome and introduction

17:05 – 17:20 The Research perspective: Dr. Cecilia Aguiar "Embracing all types of diversity in early childhood education and care: Research perspectives about what works“

17:20 – 17:35 The Practitioners perspective: Pre-school teacher Jannicke Rosvold Sagosen “Communication with parents – respect for diversity”

17:35-17:45 The Policy perspective: Senior Advisor Tove Mogstad Slinde How national and local practices for Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care can be supported by European level policies and activities?”

17:45 – 18:00 Open ‘floor’ discussion – Question and Answers



Cecília Aguiar is an assistant professor at ISCTE-IUL and a senior researcher at CIS-IUL. With background in developmental and educational psychology, she has both conducted and participated in research on ECEC quality and teacher practices, focusing on children’s social outcomes (i.e. peer social interactions, networks, and relationships) and, especially, on the social participation of children with disabilities. Other research areas include adult-child interactions, early childhood special education, and early childhood intervention. Cecília Aguiar has been awarded several grants, all of which secured through competitive calls promoted by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, including a doctoral fellowship, two post-doctoral fellowships, and two Scientific Career Development Fellowships awarded to her as the principal investigator of two projects: “Enhancing peer relationships: Preschool teachers' ideas and practices” and “Enhancing social participation of preschoolers with disabilities”. She was a researcher in the CARE-project: Curriculum Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European ECEC (project no. 613318).

Jannicke Rosvold Sagosen graduated as pre-school teacher in 1999. She has worked as a pedagogical leader in Kidsa Øvsttun, which is one of 28 kindergartens under Kidsa Barnehager AS in Bergen, Norway since 2001. Kidsa Øvsttun has an outdoor-life profile. During her years in Kidsa Øvsttun, she has been working together with Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Kindergarten teacher education) on several occasions and is supervisor for students when they conduct their educational practice. She is one of the four kindergarten teachers who have been responsible coordinators for the Erasmus+ project Developing Teachers Competence for the Future (2015-2018). The project is a cooperation between five countries: Croatia, Greece, Poland, UK and Norway.


Tove Mogstad Slinde is a Senior Advisor in the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in the Department for Kindergartens and Schools. From 2012 – 2018 she was the elected Chair of the Network on Early Childhood Education and Care in OECD. In the Ministry of Education and Research Tove Mogstad Slinde has been working on policy governance, research and developmental work. Representing the Department of ECEC in international cooperation, she has been involved in the work of the OECD ECEC network (since 2008), as well as the Thematic Working Group on Early Childhood Education and Care 2012-2014 in EU. She has been part of the advisory committee for the research projects CARE and ISOTIS, funded by the EU. Currently she is a National Expert in the European Commission for Education and Culture.

Author: Assi Honkanen
Last editor: Assi Honkanen