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"Developing Your Entrepreneurship Education Project - Helping your ideas happen"

Previous webinars:

Webinar #3 The Why, How and What of Experiential Learning - Tuesday 21 November 2017 

How to make entrepreneurial learning truly experiential? By creating a learning-by-doing opportunity, your learners can put their skills into practice. This is about deeper learning, applying knowledge, engaging in a practical learning experience and then having a concrete opportunity to reflect back on the experience to explore both what and how you learned. 

Find the presentations below: 

Elin McCallum - Bantani Education [https://www.facebook.com/bantaniedu/]

Dana Redford [https://www.facebook.com/PEEPPortugal/] –  project lead for the YouthStart Challenges project [http://www.youthstartproject.eu]

Barry Peak –Young Social Innovators Ireland [https://www.facebook.com/Young-Social-Innovators-290697139504/]

Find out more and register here: 

Webinar #2 Developing Learning, 1 September 2017

Entrepreneurial skills are transversal skills – they can be developed from an early age and in all subjects. This session firstly showed how to be inspired by and use the new EntreComp framework, explaining the why and how of understanding entrepreneurial learning outcomes from your project. Secondly it shared top tips on where and how to introduce entrepreneurial learning into different types of projects, using a selection of diverse EE projects from across Europe. 

The webinar took place on Friday 1 September at 12.30 CET. The powerpoints and a recording are below. 

Elin McCallum Presentation 1

Elin McCallum Presentation 2

Anusca Ferrari Presentation

Webinar #1 The Ideasathon, 20 July 2017

On 20 July at 12:30 CET we ran the first webinar in this series supporting project development linked to ent-ed...  We will share the recording here as soon as it is available. What was it about?  An ideasathon... We introduced Erasmus+ funding opportunities and them talked through some ideas on what could be helpful to think about when designing ent-ed projects. 


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