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WEBINAR: Assessment

Header image: Assessing entrepreneurial competencesThursday 31 May 2018 | 12h30 CEST

This session was about the what, where, when, who and - perhaps most importantly – why of the assessment of entrepreneurial education. The webinar launched the results of the EntreAssess project, sharing a progression model for practical entrepreneurial assessment, offering a pathway to develop teacher/school expertise and practical implementation.  The session also presented Skilloon, a Finnish assessment initiative  billed as a 'personal trainer for students, guiding them towards 21C skills'.

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Speaker profiles

Ivan Diego, EntreAssess project

Iván is currently holding the position of Project Manager at Valnalon, a government agency commissioned to develop the regional strategy on enterprise education in Asturias (Spain). He has been involved in the design of different enterprise education teaching materials, teacher training, impact evaluation and transfer of know-how. His main research interests are critical theory of entrepreneurship and enterprise education with a special focus in the politics associated with it and issues related with processes of transfer, appropriation and reactions to prevailing discourse among the teaching community and society as a whole.

Kath Penaluna, EntreAssess project

Kathryn is the Enterprise Manager at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and an Enterprise Champion with Welsh Government.  She uses her experiences as a bank manager and a partner in a graphic design studio to develop a contextualized entrepreneurial curriculum across the University, with a growing interest in teacher training for all disciplines and levels of education.  Kathryn is an internationally renowned researcher on enterprise education, which focuses on the role of innovative and creative thought within mindset development. Kathryn manages the infrastructure for student, graduate and staff business start-up and is a regular keynote presenter on the approaches that have led to UWTSD’s enviable track record in both start-ups and survival rates, which she credits to the invaluable expertise and support of her alumni.

Jaana Seikkula Leino, Skilloon

Jaana Seikkula-Leino D.Ed. works as Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship Education at the University of Turku Teacher Training School. She has also worked as an expert for the European Commission, the United Nations, the Nordic Council of Ministries etc. Jaana has over 100 publications in the field of entrepreneurship education. She has also knowledge of teacher education, curriculum, curriculum reform, primary education, strategies, and entrepreneurial culture and education reforms. Her current major project runs with SKILLOON, in which she is responsible for the concept, content and research development.


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