Entrepreneurial Education

WEBINAR: Entrepreneurial Citizen

Developing the entrepreneurial citizen

Thursday 21 June 2018 | 12h30 CEST

  • Target audience: All types of organisations and individuals interested in entrepreneurial learning
  • Speaker: Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard, Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and Irene Kalemaki, representing the NEMESIS project funded by Horizon2020. 
  • Facilitator: Elin McCallum, Bantani Education

Entrepreneurial education is often about practical entrepreneurial experiences where students are empowered in their own learning pathway. Democratic, citizenship and/or human rights education can be a great vehicle for developing entrepreneurial competences alongside social, civic and cultural competences.  Find out practical ways to co-work these competences, with input from Pascale Mompoint Gaillard, co-founder of LearnToChange and one of the authors of the Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture. Secondly, find out from Irene Kalemaki how the NEMESIS project is working to bring together the two competences through their developments for young social innovators.

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Author: Assi Honkanen
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