Entrepreneurial Education

WEBINAR: EntreComp and creating value for others

Thursday 8 November 2018

The revised entrepreneurship key competence refers to ‘the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and to transform them into value for others… of cultural, social or financial value.’ However, for teachers working in formal education, what kind of value can their students create for others? Might teachers already be doing this but not recognising it with their students? What is the difference between project based learning and entrepreneurial learning? This webinar will explore why and how formal education can support students to create value for others through an entrepreneurial learning process.

Margherita Bacigalupo will introduce how EntreComp supports ‘value creation’ through entrepreneurial learning. Martin Lackeus will discuss how entrepreneurial learning in formal education can focus on value creation for others.



Author: Assi Honkanen
Last editor: Assi Honkanen